Monday, August 22, 2011

Painted Strawberry Pots

Now that we have a backyard the girls have been busy planting herbs and vegetables in pots and learning about how food grows. On a recent visit to our local nursery they honed in on the strawberry plants and "really had to have some", so they chose a plant each and we spent the last few days painting some special pots for them.


* strawberry plants
* soil
* unsealed terracotta pots
(if you can find some shaped like strawberries, even better!)
* acrylic paint (red and black)
* paint brushes
(we used a large and small brush)
* drop sheet or newspaper
* clear sealant/varnish
* face washer (for clean up)

We upended our pots on the drop sheet and the girls used the wider brushes to paint them all over with red acrylic. Then using the smaller brushes they covered their pots with spots using the black acrylic.

We left them to dry and then I painted them with a clear varnish. We then left them to dry thoroughly until the following day.

The girls used their sandpit shovels and a small bag of potting soil to plant their strawberries. We had a good look at their root systems and all the different things we found in the soil.

Our strawberry strawberry pots - very cute (and hopefully in a few months time also delicious) :-)


  1. What a cute idea! These are adorable... can't wait to make some for our house :)

  2. great idea for decoration of home and garden.

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