Monday, August 8, 2011

Noughts & Crosses Rocks

Sorry for the very long delay in new posts, we are still enjoying settling into our new home and I have a bazillion new projects on the go now that we have so much extra space to decorate. I've been spending most nights working on things for Squeak's new bedroom, her 'big girl bed' arrives this week so I'm hoping to get it all ready by then!
Our weeks have consisted of finding new specialists for Bubble and a lot of filling out forms and assessments, as well as games and craft where we can squeeze them in. I'll be doing a post soon full of ideas for play date activities (since we've been enjoying quite a few of those!) and I thought I'd share a game we played this week using rocks and chalk. Very simple but very fun!


* flat stones
(you could also use things like leaves or shells)
* acrylic paint
(or markers)
* chalk
* concrete area

I made some noughts and crosses counters by painting stones with acrylic paint, five x's and five o's.
To make the game board we simply used chalk on our concrete play area.

It took Bubble a few games to understand the concept but she soon had the hang of it.

Later on Mr Bubble & Squeak drew the girls a huge hopscotch game and they used their noughts and crosses stones as markers for that as well. A fun afternoon using nothing but rocks and chalk!


  1. Welocme back! I have missed your posts. I just started a blog and yours always provides plenty of inspiration. Hope the move went well.

  2. Lovely to have you back Caz!And a super fun game too! We have been playing noughts and crosses with some bottle tops...will post about it soon...