Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playdough Printing - Easter Sight Words

We played this fun game as a variant of our usual sight word activity this week, using Easter words instead.


* play dough
* speech cards
* marker/pen
* alphabet blocks
(if you don't have any alphabet blocks you could make some bottle lid stamps to use instead).

We brainstormed some Easter words and I wrote them on speech cards for Bubble to use as prompts.
Our alphabet blocks are upper case so I deliberately wrote her word cards in lower case so she could practice her upper/lower case letters at the same time.

Bubble rolled out a big sheet of play dough ready to stamp on.

She found each matching letter block to create her words and stamped them into the dough.

Some of the letters printed back to front of course, but the blocks were used to spell out our words as we went.

Bubble loved this activity and spent quite awhile working her way through each word card.


  1. Fantastic idea! So simple yet so effective! Can I ask where did you get your alphabet blocks from? Do you have more than one set or is there more than one of each letter in the set? Cheers Nic

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  3. Hi Nic, thankyou for your comment :-) The blocks are from The Toy Bug online store (
    and are called 'educational learning blocks'( They were $13.50 for the set and there are two sets of each letter (two different letters/block).
    Hope that helps, we use them for all sorts of things!