Monday, April 18, 2011

Footprint Earth

Bubble is at Kindy today so Squeak and I did an easy little painting project for Earth Day together. Ordinarily Squeak isn't overly interested in painting and drawing projects, but this one involving feet and paint was a big hit with her (and the results are so cute too).
I think this activity would look fantastic done on a larger scale with even more kids involved!


* blue and green paint
* tape
* scissors
* newspaper or drop cloth
* shallow dish or box for paint
* paper/cardboard to make a large circle

(we made our circle by taping together sheets of recycled office paper and then using this method of drawing a circle with string and a pencil. I just held the loose end in the centre of our paper rather than using a tack though).

After we had made our large paper circle using the method linked above we squirted blue paint all over it and used our hands to cover it all over. Squeak loved this part and squelched the paint gleefully through her fingers and even used her elbows to spread it across the paper.

We left the circle to dry (while Squeak had a bath!) and then squirted our green paint into a shallow casserole dish for the second part of our earth painting activity.
Squeak really enjoyed squishing around in the green paint with her feet and then running across our 'Earth' to make her little patterns.

She worked out how to slide her painty feet around and we got some even better effects!

Our finished Earth looks even better in real life and is a very colourful addition to the lounge room wall :-)

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  1. It looks great, and I love how simple and fun it is :)

  2. love this! I may use this idea next year!
    ~Jada Roo Can Do

  3. This is such a fun and sweet idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hello,

    I was perusing the web, looking for good Earth Day activities to share with the pediatric clinicians we serve, and found this I was wondering if I could have permission to feature the photo and idea on our Instagram feed.


    As you may know, I am unable to create a clickable link to your post through Instagram but I would obviously credit your blog and put a link to the specific page the post came from along with suggestion that they visit that page on your blog for directions and more pictures in the description if that works...

    Here is the post that has the image I would love to share

    Thanks so much in advance!

  5. Hi Heidi, of course, no problem at all. Thanks for contacting me to let me know :)