Monday, March 1, 2010

More felt food

I made some more felt food for the girls collection during the last few weeks ...

To get the shape for the banana I actually traced around a real one onto paper to make a pattern :-D I cut two of the banana shape in yellow and two in white, then stitched together one white and one yellow to end up with two halves. I then faced the two pieces white side in and stitched on each side to about half way up so the fruit part of the banana could fit inside. To make the fruit I used the same pattern I used for the peel, but cut around the edge of it about 1cm in the whole way around so it was the same shape but smaller.

An icypole - To make the ice part I drew two parallel lines, then connected them with a curved line at the top (I did this by using the top of a plate as a guide) and a straight line at the bottom. I added the long rectangular bits to make the icypole effect more 'real' but you dont really need them. I then glued the popstick to one of the sides at the base and then stitched it all up, stuffing it before sewing it closed.

The carrots are just drawn freehand, two pieces in orange felt sewn together and one piece for the green top which is just sewn in to the top.

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