Sunday, March 7, 2010

Felt butterfly

Bubble is right into butterflies in a big way at the moment, so last night for no particular reason I made her a butterfly on a stick... as you do :-D As you can see it is a pretty slap together job, I just cut a large butterfly shape out of felt, cut a second shape using the first as a guide, and decorate the front of one of the pieces. Then they were sewn together and I stuffed it slightly to give it some weight. I sewed a rubber band to the very top and this was tied onto the string so that when the butterfly is swung around it will bounce a little bit.

Hint: If you find freehand cutting tricky I find photoshop or Google Images really handy - find an image or shape/brush you like and make it as big as you need on your screen. Then you can either print it to use as a template, or trace it straight from the moniter.

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