Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dollhouse travel mats

I wanted something to take on the plane with us to Darwin that might keep Bubble seated for longer than a microsecond (quite the challenge, believe me). Since Im travelling with both girls on my own (eeep) Ive been hunting down anything that looks even slightly portable and entertaining. At a toy shop last week I bought some gorgeous little wooden dolls, so thought maybe I could make a little play pocket for them. It evolved slightly and turned into playmats that join together to make a travelling dollshouse. It didn't take long to make at all and Im so excited to show it to Bubble once we up in the air :-)

The loungeroom - lounge, rug, TV and a magazine. I attached the magazine with a thread so hopefully it wont get lost easily!

The bedroom - two beds with liftable sheets, a rug, teddy and lamp.

All tucked up in bed :-)

Dinnertime! The dining room.

I'll take the cake, thanks!

The bathroom - toilet, sink, bathmat, bath and potplant.

A liftable toilet lid.

The mats all stack up and store in this pocket. To make the pocket I just folded an extra large sheet of felt and sewed up the sides.

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