Sunday, June 13, 2010

Counting marbles/spoons

This is a great counting game that I remember playing when I was little (and obsessed with marbles as we all were!). Bubble is learning to count to 30 at the moment and enjoyed this very simple activity a lot. Fill a container with marbles and place an empty container beside it, then give your child a spoon to transfer the marbles across from one container to the other, counting as they go. We started out using a large dessert spoon and worked our way down to the smallest teaspoon we could find. To make things more interesting you could try using tongs or even soup ladels or ice cream scoops.
When Bubble tired of this game we got out the large felt dice and did some basic adding with it. We would throw the dice and Bubble would then transfer the corrosponding number of marbles, then throw it again and do the same. Then we would count how many marbles were transfered all together.


* marbles
* spoons of various sizes
* two containers, preferably wood or plastic

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