Saturday, May 22, 2010

Messy mat play

My girls love to do sensory play of any kind so we are quite often sitting around a big ground sheet playing with all sorts of interestingly textures things. We try to reuse as much of the food items as we can salvage each time, and of course the messier it gets the better! :-) I love this kind of play because it's something Bubble and Squeak can do together; even the littlest hands like to feel and squish things, and the odd taste test is thrown in here and there as well.


* a drop sheet of some kind or newspaper, or a large tub to contain the mess.
* anything you can find/think of that feels nice to touch or looks/smells/tastes interesting. Some ideas: rice, flour, cornflour, water, sand, gravel, couscous, lentils and dried beans, custard powder, salt, glitter, playdough.
* kitchen utensils and bowls

I always put everything out in seperate bowls to begin with so that we can talk about what the different things are and what they feel like before mixing it all up and having fun.

It's a great time to practice cooking skills.

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