Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matching household words

We played a word recognition game today, for no other reason than Bubble really loves letters and words so I thought she'd enjoy it. I cut some peices of scrap paper to around A6 size and used a black marker to write words of household objects on them, making two labels for each. I backed them with a bit of blutack and then stuck one of each word onto the household object it corrosponded with (ie: the word 'oven' on the oven, the word 'fridge' on the fridge... you get the idea :-D). I gave Bubble the second set of words and she set off matcing them to the ones already spread around the house. As she placed them in their corrct places we sounded out the letters on each and said the name of the object (f-r-i-d-g-e, this is the fridge etc...).

P.S: please excuse the state of the oven door, it's very shiny and gets inspected by many small hands on a daily basis :-D

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