Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cling wrap painting

Bubble loves painting but hates the feel of anything on her fingers and hands, so we gave cling wrap painting a go. I laid alfoil down first so that the surface would be slick and the paint would slide around easily, then Bubble added the paint colours that she wanted in her picture. I laid cling wrap over the top and folded it around the alfoil on all sides, securing with tape so it wouldn't move. Bubble was hesitant at first, but once she realised she could touch the paint without it getting on her hands she really enjoyed squishing it around with her fingers and creating a big globby creation.

* alfoil
* cling wrap
* paints
* tape
* a face washer or wipe on hand, just in case!

Other ideas: You could mould and cut the alfoil to any shape you liked and just wrap the cling wrap around it and secure with tape. Once your painting is finished you could also remove the cling wrap and press paper over the top to take a print of the picture.

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