Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beach mural

Bubble is really interested in the beach and underwater animals at the moment, so we are creating a big beach mural across the loungeroom wall. We have put up yellow crepe paper for the sand, and blue for the water, and then set about making some sea creatures to live there.

I painted sheets of old bubble wrap seaweed green, then when it was dry cut them into wavy strips.

Were made using large white patty pans folded in half, with a white pompom glued inside as the pearl.

Flatten two patty pans, and cut one of them in half. Glue one of the halves and the other patty pan together as you can see in the photo, to create a body and tail. We kept ours simple and just glued on a googly eye, but you could use sequins to create scales and all sorts of decorations.

Flatten two pattypans and cut a chennile stick (pipecleaner) into eight lengths. Fold the ends over with pliers so they aren't sharp. Glue or tape the pipe cleaners onto the back of one pattypan and glue the other over the top. The pipecleaners act as legs and the patty pans become the octopus body.
We attached googly eyes and a red circle foam shape cut in half as the mouth - I dont think Ive ever seen a smiling octopus before, he must be an undiscovered species :-D

Cut a rectangle of bubble wrap, then cut it into strips stopping a few mm from the top so that all the strips are all still held together (these are the stingers). Glue or tape half a white pattypan to the top as in the photo (this is the body of the jellyfish).
We gave ours the same happy face as the octopus :-)

Our little underwater scene.

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