Monday, April 26, 2010

Contact Collage


* craft scraps - wrapping paper, bits of ribbon, cellophane, chocolate wrappers, tissue paper, stickers - anything really!
* clear contact

Lay a length of clear contact on the floor or table sticky side up. You can then stick the bits and pieces you have straight on to make a picture or collage. Once it's finished lay another sheet sticky side down over the top so it's all sealed. These look great stuck to the window or shower screen, especially if you use transluscent things in your picture like cellophane.


  1. Can you tell me what store-or what section of the store to find clear contact? I love this idea.

  2. Hi Kayla, we buy our contact at either discount shops, BigW or Coles. It's in the stationary isle usually, with the exercise books/printer paper etc... Hope you have fun, our girls love this activity!