Sunday, April 28, 2013

Designing Doll Clothes From Scrap Fabric

For her birthday this year Bubble was given a 'Design An Outfit' sticker book from one of her best mates which she absolutely loves. Today she asked if she could design some 'real clothes' for her dolls so we put together a little basket of things for her to use.
She has spent hours over the last few days busily dressing all of her Barbies and adding little bits and pieces to their outfits. Not only has it been great for her fine motor development and imaginary play it is also adorable to watch.


* scrap fabric
* scissors
* pipe cleaners
* ribbons
* elastic bands/hair ties
* embroidery needle
* embroidery thread

I put everything I thought Bubble might be able to use into a basket so she could use it however she liked. If you don't have scrap fabric then plastic bags, alfoil, tissues or tissue paper, wrapping paper etc... all work great too.

At first she found coming up with ideas and making them work frustrating so I sat with her for awhile working it out together. After she'd done a few though she was off.

Looking good Barbie.

I was amazed with how long she persevered with this activity and how many ideas she came up with. I'll keep adding to her basket so she can learn other techniques like sewing on buttons and making patterns.

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  1. Awesome idea. I'm just getting into sewing and this would be a great fun bonding experience to share with my 5 y/o. Thanks!