Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chalk Dust Paint

We have a serious over abundance of chalk at our house at the moment and a lot of it was looking a bit old and crumbly. Today we put it to good use and made some chalk paint, the girls found the process of creating it as fun as using it!


* chalk
* ziplock bags
* hammer
* bowls/containers
* warm water
* mixing spoon (pop stick)
* paint brushes

First we put our chalk into a ziplock bag and sealed it.

Then we took turns using the hammer to make it into powder. This was fun :D

We then poured the chalk powder into bowls and added warm water slowly, mixing it with a pop stick until we had the paint consistency we wanted.

The girls really enjoyed painting with it and the best part is it can be washed away just as easily as when we use chalk the conventional way!