Monday, March 18, 2013

Play Room Tour PART 2 - Learning Area

Recently I posted about the Shop Corner in the girls playroom, the first post in a series about how the room is set up. The Learning Area is along the same wall and is our designated spot for our 'weekly topic' and other learning activities as well as a place where the girls like to use their Duplo and LEGO.
Each week they both decide on a subject they want to learn more about and we collect information together. We have looked at Japan a few times because Bubble is fascinated with it and have also covered topics like volcanoes, the water cycle and space. This week we are investigating Australian Lizards after the girls saw a Blue Tongued Lizard crossing one of our local streets and wanted to know more about him.

The smaller whiteboard on the left is where we accumulate information about whatever we are learning about that week.
The girls like to stick things up there as we finish them and at the end of the week we take it all down and put it into a binder to look back at later.

Down the end of the table we keep the ant farms and a basket containing things like tweezers, magnifying glasses, magnets, weather cards and other exploratory materials.

The whiteboard gets used for a lot of different activities, lately we have been using it for matching and number games (dot to dot). The girls also love doing big drawings on it and using it to practice the things they are learning about (like drawing flags or creating their own solar systems).

The desk area is made up of three LACK side tables in a row which provides storage underneath for vessla boxes which hold some of the girls construction toys.
The tables are the perfect height to either sit or kneel at making it a great area for learning or playing in. 


  1. What a simply inspiring learning space! I love how you put the 3 tables together to form one area!
    That freestanding whiteboard is lovely..where did you get it from?

    1. Thanks Jodie! It's been a really workable space so far and it's handy to be able to break up the tables into smaller workstations, especially if the girls have friends over.
      The big whiteboard is from BigW and is a blackboard on the other side. I love it, it's very solid and was only $40!

  2. Thanks for letting me know...what a great find at Big W!!!