Friday, March 22, 2013

Bi Carb Easter Egg Experiments

This was another activity from our Easter Afternoon Tea that went down well with the kids. My girls love playing with bicarb and vinegar, I often give them a small jar of each and they sit outside making it fizz and bubble.
To put an Easter twist on this activity I filled some plastic eggs ($1 a bag from the dollar shop) with bicarb so the kids could break them open into the vinegar. There was lots of mixing and experimenting going on!


* plastic eggs
* bicarb soda
* white vinegar
* cups and spoons

note: adding food colouring could add even more fun to this activity.

The plastic eggs were easy to fill with bicarb and close up again.

The girls enjoyed cracking them open. 

Adding vinegar to make it fizz!

Lots of pouring, scooping and mixing going on.

This was definitely an outside activity! The play table has never been cleaner :)

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  1. I filled some eggs with buttons for Cam to break open but this is really clever- stealing the idea !