Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sequencing With Sticks & Stones

This game is very simple and another of the girls favourites when we're out at a play ground or park. You can use anything that is lying around that you can collect a few of (sticks, leaves etc...) and often the collecting part becomes an entirely separate activity of its own.


* any found items you can find a few of in the natural environment.
for example: sticks, leaves, stones/rocks, empty cicada or snail shells, gum nuts, seedpods, different types of grasses, flowers, shells, gravel, bark.

First make groups of your found objects. Today we collected sticks, stones and leaves for our game.

You can then use your objects to create sequences, as simple or as complicated as appropriate for your child.
Bubble (5) is quite good at this game and can solve pretty complex sequences independently, for Squeak (3) I make the patterns much more simple and we verbalise their order together out loud.

We often end up with sequences that go on forever! Well, almost :)


  1. My favourite kind of idea - simple and fun! Thank you for sharing this - I will definitely be giving it a go with my two this week. They love collecting little piles of 'treasures' so it will be a great learning extension of something they already enjoy.

  2. How simple but fun.

    We just discovered patterns and sequences today with our Safeway Earn and Learn stickers. I think we might go for a walk to our local park tomorrow and try this:)

  3. My son will love this idea ~ he collects sticks, rocks and leaves everytime we go out! And aren't the sequences pretty :-)

  4. What fun! My girls love collecting leaves and stones and although they are only 2 i think we could do a very basic version!

  5. Simple and lovely idea! My preps and grade ones would have loved going outside to collect little things to do patterns and sequencing with. Thanks for sharing. Pinning! :)

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  8. That is a wonderful idea for easy outdoor entertaining of children!! :) I love it! I'm going to bookmark this and hopefully remember it one day when my Bubby is old enough to enjoy it!

  9. Thanks for sharing this idea! We shared it on our Facebook account today. :)