Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paper Bag Crowns

Saturday night is 'movie' night at our house. The girls get to choose a DVD and stay up a bit later than usual, eating popcorn and making blanket forts in the lounge room.
Every Saturday I make popcorn for the occasion and put it into brown paper bags, cutting the top half from one of them for Squeak who hates having to reach down into a full sized bag. 
This past Saturday Bubble walked by as I was doing just that, picked up the top of the bag and put it on her head saying "thanks for the crown Mum!".
Guess what we did today? :D


* brown paper bags
* textas/markers
* stickers
* scissors
* teddybears/dolls

This activity was so simple, I loved the fact that Bubble could do it all on her own and even little Squeak only needed minimal help.
We first turned our paper bag upside down so that the open end was facing us, then drew our crown design across it. 
Bubble then cut along the zigzag line carefully using her scissors.
Once she had cut along the line it was easy to open up the bag to create a crown.

The girls got busy with textas and stickers decorating their masterpieces. Glue and sequins/glitter, paint and cotton buds or ink stamps would be fun for this part as well.
They turned out super cute and the girls enjoyed making them so much they spent almost an entire afternoon creating a crown for every stuffed toy in the house.
Lots of fantastic fine motor practice and imaginary play.
After we'd made a few crowns I realised we could just use one bag to make a whole heap of them by layering the designs and reversing them once they were cut. This was much easier and meant we used much less paper as well. 
One paper bag made all of these! We'll definitely be doing this again.

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  1. Perfect for Prince and Princess! The scissor practice and decorations provide awesome fine motor skill practice.