Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paper Bag Butterflies

After making our Paper Bag Crowns today we tried out something a little different using the side join of our bags to create fold out shapes.
These were incredibly easy to make and could be used to make all sorts of symmetrically shaped pictures. The girls and I made butterflies but in future I'd like to try it out with other shapes like flowers, stars, cars etc...
Both girls had a lot of fun with these, especially the version involving paint!


* paper bags
* texta/markers
* scissors
* paint

Using a texta we drew one butterfly wing on our paper bag making sure to include one side seam in the center.
Bubble then cut around the line with her scissors.
I really enjoyed watching Bubble unfold her bag, I asked her during the cutting process what she thought we were making and she guessed the letter 'B' or a number '3'. As she unfolded the paper she gasped and exclaimed "it's a beautiful butterfly!".
The girls then used textas to decorate their paper butterflies.
We made a few more and decided to experiment with paint. We opened the cut bags and the girls chose some colours to squeeze onto one side in little dollops. Squeak especially loved this part and ended up with mountains of paint!

We then folded the opposite side back over and squished the two together to spread the paint around. When we opened the bag up again the girls were amazed at the beautiful colours on their butterfly's wings.

Squeak wanted her butterflies up on the wall, they look beautiful flying across our kitchen :)

Bubble wanted to play with her butterfly, so we attached it to a wooden ruler (a stick would work well also) with tape so she could make it 'flap it's wings'. We did laminate it first because she wanted to take it into the bath with her, I think the effect would be even better with paper wings though.


  1. Isn't it awesome to find a way to reuse those paper bags? I like that she was using the scissors all by herself! What a great way to promote fine motor skills and confidence:) And taping the butterfly to the ruler is just added superb-ness:)

  2. Love it attached to the ruler...I want one too.

    Georgia :)