Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scrubbing Brush Christmas Tree

Hmmm not a very glamorous sounding post title, but I'm not sure what else to call it! This was not only fun (it involved paint and stickers, how could it go wrong ;-D) but was also a great fine motor activity.


* large sheet of paper
(we taped together A4 sheets)
* brown paper
* green paint
(we mixed some ordinary green paint and some green glitter paint together to get a nice effect)
* scrubbing brush
* heavy dish for paint
* glue
* scissors
* stickers

We put our green paint into a heavy dish so the girls could dip the brush in easily.

I tacked our paper onto a window to make any accidental paint swipes easy to clean up, then we cut a tree 'trunk' from some brown paper and glued it on.
The girls then added the leaves to our Christmas tree using their scrubbing brushes (which they thought was utterly hilarious).

Great job girls!

I helped Bubble to draw a star shape on some yellow sticker sheet and she cut it out to put on top of our tree.

Then it was time to decorate our tree. We used small dot stickers but you could use anything really! Glitter glue pens, silver ink pens, paint dabbers - you could get all sorts of beautiful effects.

Our finished tree ready to hang on the wall.

I especially love the AWOL baubles in the corner :-D

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