Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recycled Christmas Card Puppets

We have a lot of Christmas cards from previous years in our craft box and this week we used them to create some Christmas themed pop stick puppets.
We have made these before (post here) using recycled books, but this time Bubble was able to make them almost all by herself. Squeak wasn't interested in the making part but she has played with the puppets incessantly, so I'd say they were a success for both of their age groups!


* old Christmas cards
* pencil
* scissors
* blu tack/sticky tack
* pop sticks

Firstly we cut our Christmas cards down the middle, keeping the 'sentimental' side with all of the writing and using the fronts of the cards for our craft activity.

Bubble picked out the cards she wanted to turn into puppets and I drew outlines for her to cut around using a lead pencil.

Bubble then used BluTac to attach her pictures to pop sticks to create her puppets.

Our puppets were even more fun in some play dough 'snow'.
She ended up making 16 of these, it is definitely one of her favourite craft activities from the last few weeks!


  1. What a fantastic idea to keep little ones busy after the buzz of Christmas wears off.

  2. Merry Christmas Caz! - hope you and your family have a very blessed festive season!


  3. Thanks Amanda x

    Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family also Georgia, hope 2012 is a happy and healthy one for all of you x

  4. This was what my son did in his school project just a couple of weeks ago. He's only 3 and it's the first time he'll be going to school.