Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pretend Food Play - Juice Bar

This little game was something the girls invented while playing together the other day, it was so cute and creative I thought I'd share. We've been using our juice fountain a fair bit to make different juices from all of the summer fruit that is coming into season at the moment, and all that juicing seems to have inspired some pretend play.


* cups
* straws
* play food
(fruit and vegetables mainly)

The girls had spread out a picnic rug and put their tubs of pretend food in the middle. I was instructed to sit down and make my 'juice order'.

I chose the fruit for my juice and the girls made me my drink, complete with straw. This one was watermelon, mango and strawberry, mmm mmm :-)

Bubble got very inventive with her drink creations. Not sure I'm overly keen to try this one involving fish and steak!

We spent ages playing this game making different combinations and flavours.

We even gave milkshakes a go :-)

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