Friday, November 11, 2011

Glitter Stickers

Yes, we've started on the Christmas crafts already, I just can't wait for December to start getting festive!
Yesterday we made some window decorations using a bit of an adaptation to the Sticky Window Art and the Confetti Snow Pictures we did last year. This time though we used glitter (just a warning, that means big time mess so a drop sheet or doing the activity outdoors might be a good idea).
Alternatively you could use coloured sand, torn pieces of alfoil or foil paper or flat sequins for this and still get a glittery effect.


* clear contact
* marker/texta
* scissors
* glitter and sequins

First we used our texta to draw some Christmas outlines (I helped Bubble draw a tree, star, stocking and bell). Then we used scissors to cut them out.

We then cut some of the remnants into strips to use later.

We removed the backing paper from our shapes and laid them sticky side up on the table (I put some coloured paper underneath to help with contrast and clean up, but it's not necessary).
The girls had a lot of fun sprinkling their glitter onto the sticky contact and positioning the sequins. This was a great fine motor activity.

When they were finished we used the strips we'd cut earlier to attach them to the windows.

They look really beautiful glittering in the sun.