Monday, September 19, 2011

Painting With Recyclables

We have two recycling bins at our house; one that goes out for collection once a week and another that we fill with things we want to reuse at home.
Painting with recyclables is one of our go to activities, especially when the weather is nice and sunny like it was today and we can paint outside. We use all sorts of things to hold our paints, paint on and paint with. Once we are finished it is either rinsed out to be reused again, displayed or recycled.


* recyclables
(empty cereal boxes, cardboard tubes and rice cracker tray)
* paint
* brushes
* tub of water

Today we painted on empty cereal boxes which I cut open on one side so they would fold out. An empty rice cracker tray is perfect for holding the paint.

We always put out a tub of water for washing the brushes rather than a cup or something smaller since there is invariably hands and feet to wash at some stage!

One of the girls favourite activities is painting different surfaces in the backyard to make prints. The surface they used today was grass, the paint effect came out really pretty.

I knew hands would be involved eventually! :-D

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