Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blindfold Block Sorting

This was one of those on the spot games that just came together and happened to be lots of fun. The girls enjoyed this new twist on a favourite activity and also took full advantage of my turn at being blindfolded...


* wooden block sorter
* blindfold (we used a scarf)

We sat in a circle and poured our wooden sorting blocks into the middle.

Then we took turns at being blindfolded and being handed the blocks one by one. We had to guess the shape just by feeling it, or if it was really tricky we got given clues (it's the shape of a stop sign etc...).

Bubble taking her turn at feeling the shape blocks. After a few turns we upped the ante by sorting the blocks into the sorter while blindfolded.
The girls both enjoyed this game and enjoyed my turn at being blindfolded even more. Instead of blocks I was handed all sorts of things; squishy pears from the bottom of the fruit bowl, nappy wipes, a fridge magnet, even someones foot! :-D


  1. Lovely, isn´t it! I wonder what my daughter would hand to me.. Well have to give it a go :)

  2. My little boy is into learning about shapes at the moment so this is something we will have to try.