Monday, April 21, 2014

Paper Plate Witches Hats

Bubble and Squeak dressed up as witches for a party recently and we made these super cute little hats to go with their costumes.
They were very simple and fun to make using things we already had stashed in the cupboards.


* party hats
* paper plates
* scissors
* tape
* black paint and brush
* optional - black contact paper


First we covered our party hats in black contact paper by unfolding them and then tracing their outlines onto the paper backing of the contact. That made it easy to cut the contact to size, cover the hats and then reassemble them with sticky tape.
You could also turn the party hats inside out like we did in THIS POST and paint them black instead.

Next we used scissors to cut the center from our paper plates.

Slide the paper plates over the top of the party hats to see if the center hole is big enough before painting. You want the plate to sit low on the hat, but not so low that it falls off!

Once you are happy with the plate size you can paint it black too.
Or any colour really, who says all witches hats are black, right? :D

Once the plates are dry you just slip them over the top of the party hats to make cute little witches hats. 
We secured the plates to the hats using tape on the underside.

The party hats already have elastic attached so the witches hats stay on well.

Two little witches ready for a Wonderful Wizard Of Oz party!

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