Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Imprint Barrier Game

This game is an adaptation of the barrier memory games I used to play with my friends when I was little except instead of taking an object away you make an imprint with one object and the other player has to guess what it was.
This game was not only fun for my girls but exercised a lot of skills like concentration, object and shape recognition, fine motor development/hand strengthening and basic matching.


* a tray
* lots of small objects
(you could use more or less depending on your childs interest and ability)
* clay/play dough/sticky tack/theraputty
(anything that you can make an imprint in basically)
* a board or sheet of card to use as a barrier

I put a few different things that I thought would make distinctive prints in our tray and put it on the table with some sticky tack.

I held up the barrier and the girls took turns being the one to make the print and being the one to guess.
We used some thin plywood sheets we had in the garage as a barrier, you could use anything that blocks the other players view though (even a blindfold rather than a barrier.)

Squeak chose the fork on her first turn and made an imprint in the sticky tack by laying the tines flat.

When the barrier was lifted Bubble examined the print closely, turning it over in her hands and counting the lines that had been left behind. She worked out pretty quickly what had made the imprint!

In between each turn the girls squeezed and manipulated the tack to make it smooth again. This would be a great game to play with theraputty!
The girls did this activity for a long time, finding different ways to print the same objects and thinking up clues for each other when it was a tricky one to guess.

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  1. Another great idea! So simple but so many opportunities for learning!