Monday, February 25, 2013

Tiny Treasure (Magnifier Treasure Hunt)

Both Bubble and Squeak love their magnifying glasses and we do a lot of activities based around them. At the moment I am trying to expand Squeak's descriptive vocabulary and encourage her to use descriptive words in reference to things she sees. This activity was fun but also built on these skills at the same time.


* Tiny treasure Hunt Checklist 
(document is at the end of this post if you'd like to use ours)
* whiteboard markers 
(or normal marker/pencils if your checklist isn't laminated)
* magnifying glasses
* access to tiny things!

I made up a checklist of 'tiny things' and printed out one for each of the girls. I laminated ours so we could use whiteboard markers and then reuse them, you don't need to do this step though if you don't have a laminator. 

The girls had fun traipsing around the house and outside finding the things on the checklist. 

When we found something we would check it off the list and then come up with three descriptive words for what we could see through the magnifying glass.
Bubble said the grass was 'long, green and juicy' and Squeak said it was 'green, bendy (it's a bit windy today) and tickly'.

The girls enjoyed looking at the sand in the sand pit, we've had torrential rains recently and there were a lot of different patterns in the surface as well as debris.

Some things were tricky to find, like ants and feathers, and others were a lot easier!

As we went along the girls checked off their list to keep track of what they had seen.

Other activities using magnifying glasses:

Tiny Treasure Hunt List
(right click to open and print at full size)

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