Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Count Down - Whiteboard Bunting

It was the first of December here yesterday and we were busy putting up our tree and house decorations while listening to Christmas songs. Cheesy, I know, but still my favourite time of the year!
One of the first things to go up were our count down calendars, this year we are using our reusable felt tree calendar that we made a few years ago but I thought something a bit more interactive would be fun too.
This whiteboard bunting was very easy to use and both girls can practice their number writing over and over again. Best of all it can be packed away and used again next year!


* paper
* printer
* laminator and pouches
* scissors
* blutac 
(or string and tape)
* whiteboard marker

Other ideas:
Both Bubble and Squeak are good counters but if this is something your child is still learning you could add stickers to make this count down even more fun. Each day they could add the right number of stickers by counting them out and sticking them on themselves.

To make the count down bunting I made some designs on the computer and printed them out before laminating each sheet. Then they were cut out ready to be hung on the wall.
The templates to make the bunting are at the bottom of this post.

We hung up our flags using blutac (sticky tack) so we could easily take one down a day to do our tracing and then put it back up again.
If you don't want to use blutac you could easily tape the flags along a length of string instead and use removable hooks at each end.

Each bunting flag has a traceable count down number on it.

Bubble tracing our number one flag yesterday.
Because the flags are laminated and we are using whiteboard markers the girls can practice over and over again before we hang the flag back up.

 Two days into our Christmas Count Down!

(right click to open to full size and print)


  1. Oh, what a great idea. Love that they'll be reusable each year. Thanks for providing the template! Pinning to my free printables board :)

  2. These are such a great idea - will be pinning this one! I love that they get in practice with number recognition and formation! :) Genius! x

  3. Thanks Rebekah! I really need to get a Pinterest account for the Blog so I can return pin - next job on my list!

  4. What a clever idea! I love that it incorporates maths into real events. Makes it meaningful. Great work.

  5. Thanks Kate! Both the girls are big on numbers so they are really enjoying it so far.

  6. This is a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing the free printable. They could be used in so many ways too.

  7. Oh I love the reusable idea of these! Great writing practice and You could use for celebrations and write a child's name, or ongratulations, or Bon Voyage... Great :)

  8. I saw these on Pinterest and LOVED them. Such a great idea. Great template!

  9. Very clever. Love the idea of the kids doing the numbers instead of adults. Thanks for the printable too.

  10. Very cool idea and I love that they are reusable. Thanks for the printable, off to pin it now :)

  11. Wow! So simple yet so tricky, I will have a prewriter next year so best I pin this to print!

  12. What a wonderful that it is reuseable and you even included the clever, i bet they love it!

  13. I love purposeful writing. This is a lovely idea for practicing numbers but in a purposeful way.